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    Expositor:  Elementis

    • L20

    Elementis offers the most complete line of high performance antiperspirant actives. That includes our patented aluminum zirconium technology which del...


    Expositor:  PIC Química e Farmacêutica

    • K10

    APISCALP ™ da Sederma proporciona beleza e conforto a todos os tipos de couro cabeludo. Luta contra a caspa, coceira, secura e hiperseborréia. Extrato...

  • APM( Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate)

    Expositor:  Showa Denko America, Inc.

    • L57

    Ascorbyl PM (APM) is the stable and active provitamin C and is an officially approved active ingredient for Japanese quasi-drugs, preventing spots and...

  • APPRECIER™ (Trisodium Ascorbyl...

    Expositor:  Showa Denko America, Inc.

    • L57

    Trisodium Ascorbyl Plamitate Phosphate (APPS) is a newly designed amphiphilic derivative of AP. APPS penetrates effectively into dermis and is an impr...

  • AquaCacteen

    Expositor:  Mibelle Biochemistry

    • A10
    compartilhados com Sharon Labs Brasil Ltda

    AquaCacteen is an ultra-refined elixir from organic cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica). AquaCacteen blocks the release of stress markers from sensory ne...


    Expositor:  RAHN AG

    • L30
    compartilhados com Cosmotec International

    AQUARICH® is a unique moisturiser for skin and hair. Black oat extract provides nutritious substances such as amino acids to improve the structure of ...


    Expositor:  Vytrus Biotech

    • A35

    This active derived from the cultured plant stem cells of Gossypium herbaceum, is a natural booster to overcome photo-aging. It offers broad spect...

  • ÅRCTALIS™, Following the Northern Lights

    Expositor:  LipoTrue

    • G73

    Under the Northern Lights’ skies Årctalis™ has surfaced from 2,700 m from an Arctic expedition near Greenland. Årctalis™ is a unique marine ingredient...

  • Aromastat™

    Expositor:  INOLEX

    • D70

    Aromastat is a blend of multifunctional ingredients that allows formulators to create self-preserving formulations. It includes phenethyl alcohol, an...

  • ASG Treatment

    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    ASG (Stearoyl Glutamic Acid) Treatment is an amino acid coating that offers hydrophobic properties which gives a great creamy feel, especially in powd...

  • Avobenzone; Butyl Methoxy DiBenzoyl...

    Expositor:  MFCI CO., Ltd.

    • B20

    Introduction: CAS No.: 70356-09-1 EINECS No.: 274-581-6 Appearance:White to light yellow crystalline powder Assay:95.0%~105.0% Melting range:81~8...

  • Babassu oil

    Expositor:  Citróleo

    • M30

    The babassu oil has emulsifying and emollient properties. In cosmetic preparations can act as oil phase carrier. Studies have shown that lauric acid p...

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