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  • K-RAY® Effect Pigment

    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    ● Natural Mica, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite & Calcium Borosilicate Substrates ● Titanium Dioxide and/or Colorant Coatings ● Includes Optical Variable ...

  • Kale Organic

    Expositor:  Lipoid Kosmetik AG

    • G20

    In vitro testing demonstrate that this extract is rich in phytonutrients, protects through immediate antioxidative activity, improves the natural stre...


    Expositor:  DuPont

    • N40

    Preservante de amplo espectro, eficaz em baixos níveis de uso, proporcionando vantagem no custo de tratamento. Mais de 30 anos de uso seguro e eficaz.

  • Kerabase™

    Expositor:  INOLEX

    • D70

    A conditioning base with a polyesteramine, an amidoamine, a fatty alcohol, a chelating agent and a neutralizing agent. Kerabase gives exceptional comb...

  • KeraGuard

    Expositor:  Mibelle Biochemistry

    • A10
    compartilhados com Sharon Labs Brasil Ltda

    Powerful protection and repair for hair. KeraGuard combines tara tannins derived from Caesalpinia spinosa pods and organic sunflower sprout extract. T...

  • Kerazyne™

    Expositor:  INOLEX

    • D70

    Kerazyne is a novel polymeric conditioning additive for hair care which reduces static charge and improves combability. It is a polyesteramine that ca...

  • Koboguard® 50AMP

    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    Koboguard® 50AMP is a white milky emulsion. It consists of Aminomethyl Propanol. This water-soluble Film-Former adds water-resistance to formulas. It ...

  • Koboguard® 5400

    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    KOBOGUARD® 5400 is an oil soluble polymer that helps to enhance adhesion and substantivity to the skin, lashes, hair or nail. Therefore, it improves w...

  • Koboguard® HRPC

    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    Koboguard® HRPC is a ternary wax resin composite that has unique synergy and is free of any foreign particles. It is able to impart enhanced adhesion ...


    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    A free flowing powder composed of Calcium Sodium Borosilicate (And) Titanium Dioxide (And) Iron Oxides. Particle Size Ranges: 10-60µm, 50-200µm & 30-1...

  • KoboScrub™ SD-200

    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    KoboScrub™ SD-200 is an all-natural, spherical shaped white powder composed of silica. With a particle size of 100-300µm, these beads are used primari...

  • Kojic Acid

    Expositor:  Shaanxi Huatai Bio-fine Chemical Co.,Ltd

    • G94

    Kojic acid whitening agent has better tyrosinase inhibitory effect than other whitening agents. It does not act on other biological enzymes in the cel...

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