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  • 11SP Treatment

    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    11SP Treatment a double treatment of silane and polyhydroxystearic acid. This patented treatment renders the pigments and powders hydrophobic and lipo...

  • ASG Treatment

    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    ASG (Stearoyl Glutamic Acid) Treatment is an amino acid coating that offers hydrophobic properties which gives a great creamy feel, especially in powd...

  • BENTONE GEL® additives

    Expositor:  Elementis

    • L20

    Offer unique rheological performance in both single oil systems and the oil phase of an emulsion. Available in a wide variety of cosmetic oils, these ...

  • Corantes e Pigmentos Orgânicos -...

    Expositor:  Colormix Especialidades

    • B10

    Corantes e Pigmentos orgânicos em pó para aplicação em cosméticos

  • CPF-3300@10cSt

    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    A patent-pending, high refractive index, low centistoke phenyl trimethicone that contributes to transfer resistance, long wear, and gloss. Its low vi...

  • E+

    Expositor:  ABC NANOTECH CO., LTD.

    • L60
    compartilhados com Innovasell Fine Ingredients & Actives

    Spherical silicone resin powder

  • Exilva

    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    Exilva is a white to off white liquid composed of Water (And) Cellulose. This natural, cellulose-based performance enhancer has a unique 3D microfibr...

  • FS Treatment

    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    Environmentally-friendly, Fluoro Silane Treatment is both hydrophobic and lipohobic which adherently contributes to long wear in makeup. Darkening shi...

  • GWC Series

    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    ● GWC-060F and GWC-150E: Polybutyl Methacrylate and Polybutyl Acrylate Microspheres with high Refractive Indexes - Soft Focus and Creamy Feel ● GWC-0...

  • INBP Dispersions

    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    Series of Pigmentary Dispersions. The product range includes Iron Oxides, Pigmentary grade Titanium Dioxide and Lakes dispersed in Isononyl Isononano...

  • INTENZA Organic Intensified Pearls

    Expositor:  Sun Chemical Corporation

    • L30
    compartilhados com Cosmotec International

    Energize your color palette with the intense chroma and unique interference effects of INTENZA. Each shade is masterfully crafted to achieve maximum s...

  • ITT Treatment

    Expositor:  Kobo Products, Inc

    • F30

    Isopropyl Titanium Triisostearate (ITT) Treatment gives lipophilic properties for ease of dispersion in esters, mineral oils and hydrocarbons. ITT Imp...

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