Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., Ltd.

Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., Ltd.

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Bloomage Biotechnology Corporation Limited (formerly Bloomage Freda Biopharm), established by Bloomage International Investment Group is anational High-Tech enterprise. Since 1990s, for the first time in China, developed fermentation procedure to manufacture Sodium Hyaluronate,Bloomage Biotech has devoted its efforts on research, development, and production in biotechnology field, not only on the innovation in Sodiumhyaluronate, but also on relevant bioactive ingredients.As the raw material business unit, Bloomage Biotech Bioactive will keep providing innovative solutions and technical support to our valued partners.


  • Hydrolyzed Sodium Hyaluronate/mi cro HA...

    microHATM is a super active HA produced by apatented enzymatic degradation technology withsuperb biological activity.microHATMcan quickl...

  • Ergothioneine/Bioyouth™-EGT

    Bioyouth™-EGT is obtained by multi fermentation of Hericium Erinaceum & Tricholoma Matsutake. Multi fermentation can increase the yield of L-ergothion...

  • Ectoin/BioectoTM

    BioectoTM is a highly pure Ectoine developed through a professional fermentation platform technology, with a high stability and safety profile. Ectoin...

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    Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., Ltd.
    High NO. 678 Tiānchén Road Jinan Shandong 250101 China
    Tel:  +86 53182685998
    Fax:  +86 53182685988


  1. Atividade da Empresa
    Fabricante de matérias-primas e ingredientes
  2. Company Activity
    Fabricante de matérias-primas e ingredientes
  3. Company Size Mais de 1000
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    Não estou interessado em agentes


  • Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., Ltd.

    Bloomage Biotechnology Corp., Ltd. has devoted its efforts on R&D, production and supply of Sodium Hyaluronate (hyaluronan, HA) for over 20 years. As ...

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